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Buyers & Sellers

Buyers Inspection

You’ve found the house you want to call “home”. All the excitement is turning to overwhelm mode. What if the house needs some work, how well did the owners care for the property, what budget do I have left if repairs are needed? Don’t let all these questions take away from your excitement. Call Tracker Home Inspections! Let us take over the “overwhelm” of the “what if’s”. Travis our Certified Home Inspector will meet you at the property, do a thorough inspection of the property inside and out, talk you through the different aspects of each area of the house and provide you with a “wealth of knowledge” on how to maintain your “home”. After the inspection Tracker Home Inspections is just a phone call or email away to help you with any other questions that arise. Like people, there are “No 2 Houses the same”! Remember our motto “Informed Decisions are the Best Decisions” and that is what Tracker Home Inspections is here to provide you with a non-bias and objective evaluation of your future “home”.

"Free Home Maintenance Book and Extra Time to Explain How Your Home Works"

Seller Inspection

Pre-inspections are all the rave these days, not only does it give the seller the upper hand of having it in writing how wonderful they have maintained their home, but also what safety issues that may happen to arise from a buyers inspection or liability that could arise during or after the sale.  As we like to say “Informed Decisions are the Best Decisions”.  A pre-inspection generally sells faster and often at a higher price.  Of course you will have a new friend with Tracker Home Inspections.  You will get a detailed report with pictures, knowledge for the contract, and a good chance of eliminating the contingency of a home inspection.  As always, and after the closing you can contact Tracker Home Inspections for any questions about your next home.  Discount Home inspection will be offered to all sellers that request a home inspection of their next property.  The buyers are also welcome to have at a very discounted price the option to have our inspector go over the inspection with them in person with the sellers’ permission.

"Informed decisions are the best decisions"