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Home Inspection Process

First, Order your Home Inspection from Tracker Home Inspections.  Your inspection is an unbiased, objective evaluation of the home you are buying, selling or calling home.  This process will take approximately 4 hours.  Questions from YOU are always encouraged. Please feel free to bring a list of questions you have compiled to the inspection.  Tracker Home Inspections strongly encourages you to attend the whole inspection but if that is not available with your time schedule it is strongly encouraged to at least be at the inspection for the last hour of the inspection.

Travis our Certified Home Inspector will provide you with all information about the function and bones of the home.  There is an extensive list of items checked from the Exterior including the drainage surrounding the home to the interior of all the functions to keep your home in quality running condition and structure safety.  Please REMEMBER, this is a process to ease your transition that you are selling, buying or living in a quality home.  Home Inspectors such as Travis have had extensive training in seeing and understanding home maintenance and functions of a home and continues to be involved in training classes throughout the year to stay on top of the home trends and necessities to better understand building products and safety products.

After your inspection Tracker Home Inspections will provide you with pictures taken and a through report printed, emailed, or mailed to you.  At the time you receive and read over the inspection report Travis your inspector encourages you to make contact with him over any and all questions you have from that report.  Tracker Home Inspections is not done with your inspection after they leave, our clients are our life long friends and encouraged to call or email Tracker Home Inspections no matter how long it has been since the inspection.