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Informed decisions
are the best decisions.

1 Year Home Warranty Inspection

For peace of mind, it’s great to get your home inspected BEFORE the warranty expires.

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  • 1 Year Home Warranty

Home Inspections

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  • Real Estate Agents

Travis was a great inspector. Very thorough and thoughtful. Took time to explain himself. Seemed to take the perspective as if he were buying the house for himself, so you know what are priorities and what aren't as big of a deal. Highly recommended!

December 2020

Travis did an amazing job explaining his inspection of the property and did a very detailed walk through and report for us. Highly recommend!

November 2020

Travis was both friendly and professional. he is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. Thanks so much!

May 2020

Travis was amazing. Went through every inch of the house, gave me many recommendations on fixes for issues, and was extremely helpful.

May 2019

We have now used Travis twice on two different homes for an inspection, and we definitely recommend Travis to others. We love his thorough inspection. He helps us to feel confident that we are aware of all potential issues when purchasing a home.

April 2018